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Sunset 12 February 2019

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5:18 PM
The Hague, Holland.
It's been a wonderful sunny day!


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It did look a bit ominious, Bobbie, but we have had good weather today. The day started a bit grey, but around noon the sun came out and is still shining! (at 4:50 PM right now) I'm hoping for a nice sunset again! Stay safe and warm♥

Thank you, Anne, while the sun sets I'll often see birds heading home and this one was probably heading to the coast! I do like the addition of a bird in a sky picture.☺

I was too, GG, thank we have had lovely weather my garden the thermometre said 10°C. Have a nice day!♥

Thank you, Ella. Yes, we defilintely can't complain about our weather the last few days! Since Monday we have had sunny weather and apart from 2 short rainshowers yesterday morning,it's been dry. For coming Friday there's between 10 and 15°C predicted!!!! It really feels like Spring....but....I'm not jumping (too high) for joy because February isn't over yet!!! ☺♥☺

Oh my, Faye....that's no fun....fingers crossed that was the last of the snow....♥


Total low, gray cloud to the west here at 4:30 p.m. Fifteen cm. of snow from Sunday noon to Monday morning...another 10 cm. 'til noon today...hope that's it!

Loved the puffy clouds you had this morning. Glad you had a nice sunny day! We have overcast skies all day with rain beginning around sunset. Suppose to rain for the next few days. As much as I like the rain, I'm getting tired of the cold.


I'm happy you had a sunny day, Impie! Have a nice evening!


Ah, quite a pleasant sunset despite the bird and jet photo bombing your photograph. Just as the sun fades totally....enjoy!


a shining sunset!!!


The sky almost looks it? Do you have funky weather on the way? We have a few days of 'inclement' here now and it's dangerous on the roads....hope you do better ♥