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My back yard a few years ago.

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No real snow yet. The object next to the light post holds the rain gauge. I bring the measuring section (it's plastic) in when it starts freezing.


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Thanks, Nicky. Just plain sunshine.


The light on this is beautiful, Ardy.


Thanks, Francine. Wishing the same for you.


Happy New Year, Ardy. Wishing you a wonderful 2013.


Thanks Ank. Happy New Year to you too. Another 4 hours yet for me!! I'll be asleep by then.


happy new year (46 min. old)


Thanks for coming by, Robbie. Happy New Year to you and Jenny.


Your bird bath looks like it had a male wedding cake on it Ardy! Nice picture, like a thick white blanket, thanks and Happy New Year to you.


Can I feel sorry for the people to the north and, at the same time, be glad it didn't come here? Maybe it's what one calls mixed emotions. Thanks for sending to away from here. LOL Thanks for coming by Pat. I love the hugs. HUGS back.


Whew ... that is some snow.. I told that last storm we had to go north and it did. (like I can control it ha). Thanks for sharing ... Hugs..


Thanks, Hanne. And the roses are still blooming!!! But it's cold at least my old bones think it is.


Oh isn't it wonderful?? One day more without snow, one day less with snow!! As long as it is like that we keep our breath and hope for the best!! We do the same here!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


So far Ank there has been just a teeny bit of white stuff. I checked the news and all warning, watches etc. have been cancelled. It's clearing and cold up through Tuesday when there may be a chance of rain and snow but temperatures in the 40's F. This storm missed my area for which I am very thankful. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Time for bed for you so have a good night.


A beautiful Photo Ardy. I really hope you can't post a photo like this of todays/tomorrow snow.