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Glove and Hat shop signs in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

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I'm delighted, Pat. Thank you.


Love it...


Thanks, Dagmar. I told one of the sound men that you might be watching. He said I should wave at the camera and say "Hi". LOL There's just one more of these with Hanne's stories. I've loved donig this. Glad you have enjoyed it too. Thanks.


Glad you enjoyed it Jan. I'll be over to your place too in a short while.


Thanks Ank. You'll understand much more than I did but that video is really cute. See my note to Barb as to what I've been up to this morning. I'll catch up with you later.


Hanne, Thanks. I could catch a couple of words but she is adorable. Loved the video. Thanks and I need to find out what's happening to the Golden People. See my note to Barb.


Hi Barb. I just had lunch and could hardly wait to get back on Jigidi. My bell choir had to pay for two services today so I've been at church from 8 until 1. I was pleased with the group. I have some really new ringers in it who were quite nervous but they did well. Now I can puzzle this afternoon. I'll be over to your place later. Thanks for coming by.


Thanks Ardy and Hanne for this entertaining needle work, puzzle and music included. Although I didn't understand anything Hannes description was perfect.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Ardy, I left you a comment about the service on the umbrella puzzle. I hope that after the service you had a good lunch with some friends and I wish you an agreeable afternoon. :))


Another fun one from the Tivoli Gardens! Thanks so much, Ardy!


Love it Ardy. And I will take a look to the link Hanne.
Ardy I'm so sorry, but you're off.


Ardy, it's so awfully funny, I just found the song from the movie with the original persons and it is SO awful and funny that I laughed all the way through. They are so terribly bad and she is absolutely NO diva, but it's the good thing about her. What she sings is that she puts her hat the way she wants which may give some problems but if she does it WITH STYLE she will succeed - and she does. She has this awful, boring, handsome young man who is very rich instead of a funny young man with a guitar who sings about doves flying over Copenhagen. The link for this very special experience is:


And I suppose, taking it a step further, one could say ..... I wear my glove the way I please. :-)
Thanks, Ardy. Have a great Saturday!


Translation: I put my hat the way I please ( I wear my hat as I please)
Explanation from Hanne9 aka Elfie: It's an old saying meaning of course that I decide how I want things to be. In the 1960's a movie was made with that title. It was about a teenage girl with lots of problems and how she tackled them all and got it the way she wanted.