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Rollin,' Rollin,' Rollin!' RAWHIDE! (KaleidoBOARDS)

45 pieces
165 solves
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Hester suggested I add the word Rawhide. I loved it! Sorry Pat....


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Roerick3 - Thank you so much! That's a very nice comment!! I am so glad you enjoyed the puzzle and the memory.


I always love your boards. This one is beautifully light and airy and they do look crocheted. And that song was my Mom's favorite. Thanks for the memory and the great puzzle.


Thanks so much, Mandy! I'm glad you liked it. Many of the wheels seem to end up with that crocheted look. It is interesting that they do.


Jan, I love these colours, and specially the 4th one, with the dark pinks and purples, it almost looks like fine crochet. Thanks so much :~)


Pat - It is the singing along that makes you speed through these. And since YOU were singing TWO songs, how could you help but be number 1! LOL (Thank you, really!)

Ardy - Thank YOU, too. I am glad you found them beautiful!

Hanne - I think that the boards quite often show things we would otherwise miss. I'm glad you think so, too!

Katie - Thank You! I am glad you enjoy this puzzle style. I think it works really well with the "wheels."

Hester - It can be annoying! I blame Maggie when I am especially slow solving, because (really) she bangs my elbow with her toys! The joys of living with animals! LOL


Speaking as one who uses an ipad for chatting and a mac for solving I empathise totally with Jan and Edie as I have Freddy's beard marks slobbered over the top of my ipad when I chat in the lounge! :-))


I agree with Hanne on the wonderful details! Thanks for great boards Jan!


And here they reveal details that are very interesting!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


I didn't make your board on this one, Jan. I'm moving really slowly this morning. But they are so beautiful that I can't hurry away. Thank you so much. LOVE these.


As of right now, I am in first place on both of these "musical" puzzles, which shows you how quickly I tried to escape them and their tunes! LOL!!!

Seriously, they really are gorgeous, and the colors are breath-taking! Wonderful, Jan! Well, except for the titles, of course.....:-)))


It is hard to solve puzzles on a laptop, but I do it anyway! I bet they get upset. My dog is always bringing a toy to play fetch with. Luckily I can do it at the same time as Jigidi! Thanks for your comments, Edie. I am Jan.


You can call me Edie and yes it's very busy around here. The cats as a group are not happy since I found Jigidi last month. I used to sit on the couch in the family room on my iPad but now I got a new 27" imac and I'm on it a lot. Not so much lap time for them.


Thank you so much, 2dogs7cats! (Must be busy at your place!) I'm glad it fell into place for you. Thank you!

Dottie - I am so glad. I love your remark! :D Thanks.

Thanks so much, JC!

Hester - you are so evil again. Talking about my greatest weakness like that! Oh well, you are incorrigible! Glad you liked it. Thanks, my friend.

PJ - Thank you so much! I've been trying to get back to the more colorful and "lighter" colors after all that black. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Jan - what a beautiful and happily colored puzzle. So enjoyable.


I love this colour combo, Jan. The centre one makes me think of peppermint creams,the pale pink one is spun candy floss /cotton candy and the red is raspberry ruffles! I think a raid on the fridge is overdue!! ;-)


Nice one, Jan!


Lovin' it! Thanks, Jan!


I loved this puzzle, great fun. You struggle along for awhile and then suddenly everything starts to fall into place. Love the colours. Thanks