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Galahs - Australia

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We've had about six of these visiting the bird feeder next door.


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LOL! Sorry to disappoint you Monica :)))
Thanks talia - glad you liked them.


Two beautiful birds . Thank you for posting it.


Ohhhhhh, their pink and GREY! On my screen they look pink and purple! Oh well, their still pretty! L.O.L.


We once had a school bus painted pink & grey Monica - we used to call it the Galah!! Thanks .


Soooooo incredibly beautiful, I love these birds and their my favorite colors! So very stunning, thanks Rob! This one was lots of fun putting together as a puzzle!


I just don't try to photograph our visitors - I'm hopeless with a camera!! Thanks Sally.
My pleasure bloorox - thanks.


Lovely birds! Thanks, robryan!


Gorgeous birds, Robyn... Thank you... I got a shot of half dozen of these beauties on the neighbors very tall antenna... Even with a zoom it was too far away for detail... Thanks for this up close look.... :) :)


Why thank you Laura!! I only find them though - not like you who take such great pics!
They are loverly Shirley - we just don't usually see them in the city! Thanks.


We see these just about every day, lovely to see them flying in mobs, as they turn you see their bright pink and then their grey side, Thanks Rob.


Is there no end to your gorgeous photos, Robyn? I hope not!


Ah Sam - A very nice place to be too! I guess you've been watching the river levels lately too!! Hope you didn't get flooded last week. And I say - go for the Aussie wildlife!! Good on you:)))
Thanks Meadowhawk - they can be a bit of a nuisance for the wheat farmers at times tho.


Oh, those are very pretty birds!


Hello Rob! Yes another Aussie and I'm north of Grafton on the River. You have inspired me to create some of my own local wildlife puzzles. Thanks


LOL! I don't blame you!! They are about 10" long & have powerful beaks for breaking open grains.


Chickster would have a heart attack.


Thanks pg.


I bet they would have a heart attack if they visited chicksters feeders. Lovely birds you have as neighbors Rob.


We didn't see them here in the city until this last year, but they have decided to visit our area - which is nice!! Thanks chickie.
Hi sam - another Aussie!! I really enjoy having them around here. Are you near Grafton? Big River Country!!! I've driven through there a few times!! Thanks.
It sure is lyndee - they have a nice soft chuckle when they're feeding! Thanks.


Now there's a challenge - they don't stay as still as the kookaburras and the kangaroos but I will see what I can do :))


Oh My Gosh......that would be a sight to see!


Beautiful aren't they! We have them visiting our trees in the Clarence Valley down south of you.


Really? Would love to see that!