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Yesterdays Sunrise

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I used to do that too....stay up all hours and still be alive the next day! Ha ha...those days are numbered. Beautiful shot, Healer.


Beautiful view thanks


Thank you jacques, a sight like this is worth getting up to see!


verry nice picture healer!


Hi Mimi. You're welcome. I agree, it's a wonderful, quiet time especially with a cup of coffee!


A glorious picture! I usually wake up early but just sit, drink coffee and have some quiet time. But when we travel we always leave very early, often before dawn and I love to see the sunrise. Thanks for this lovely reminder!


Hi Robbiel, I'm usually more of a night person, but I really enjoy the mornings when I get up that early. I remember the "younger" days, when we would stay up all day break cook steak and eggs and watch the sun come up...then...go to sleep for a couple of hours before the kids got up. Ahhhhh the young days.


Hi Healer, I agree it is nice to get up sometimes this early and see the sunrise. It is usually so quiet and peaceful, thanks for the nice picture.


Thank you PLG and chickiemama. My husband get up around 4:00 AM, and sometimes I get up with him. It really is a special time of the morning. I'm not really that much of a morning person, but I like to check on him, make sure he's ok. Then enjoy some of the early morning with him.


Beautiful sky!


Beautiful! Definitely worth getting up early for!