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FOR JILL... A Tribute To The Master of Orbs... aka Good Buddy....

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Thank you Dear Docent of the Daring Do Dinghy.... Your display of gem and mineral knowledge is decidedly delightful.... I did have to open this twice, once to put in the halogen lights and once to unravel the golden threads.... Its nice to be thought of as special... Thank you.... :) :)


You are most welcome Ms Muffin... Having a little rain today are we??? Nice outfit.... :) :)


Thank you Mon Amie... She is a dear one... When I think orbs I think of Jill and her beautiful creations... When I think of Rains aka Mon Amie I think of all her colourful unique creations.... (Of which we haven't seen many lately??)... Take care of your dropped jaw ... and the rest of you.... Merci beaucoup, beaucoup d'orbes

Robbiel by JILL!


Hi SMor, what an intricate cornucopia woven with golden threads and filled with pearls of rubies, sapphires, emeralds and aquamarines all shimmering in the bright halogen light nestling inside a dark black box which is waiting for someone special to open.......YOU!
Wonderful puzzle, thank you.


Love it, Miss Sally!


Sally dearest, this is just gorgeous. Seriously, my jaw just dropped when I saw it. What a beautiful tribute to Jill dearest!


grandmapegs, indeed she is... Thanks so much....

Aww... JB, thank you for your comment and your enthusiasm, it just came together after a lot of trial and deletes.... And you're still on the board... Nice job.... :) :)

Thank you Shirley, I always enjoy your comments, you give me a new perspective on the little details... Whoa!!! You're still at third spot.... Glad you liked it mate.... :) :)

{{{Hugs}}} back at ya good buddy... You and your orbs (and other fantastic creations) are often my inspiration.... See what you made me do.... :) :) Good to know your safely back home and had a super duper time.... :) :)

You're welcome Sissel.... :) :)

Thanks pkin... :) :)

Thank you Nancy... She deserves it.... and more.... :) :)

Suzy, You're incorbitable.... :) :)

Thanks PLG, that's how I feel about many of Jill's puzzles, at a lost for words... Makes a girl feel proud of her tribute puzzle... Thanks again Patti... ) :)


Wow, Sally, this is amazing! The textures and colors and -- I don't even know how to say it. But it's truly amazing!


It's an orb! Or orb-its!!
Well composed, Sally.


What a wonderful puzzle thanks so much, Jill is honored with this one


Lovely :))


Beautiful puzzle - thanks for sharing :-)


Oh my, oh my! Can such a delectable masterpiece be a tribute to me! I do feel so honored. I certainly don't think my orbs are better than these. These are exquisite. What a homecoming surprise. We just got home about an hour ago, unpacked, settled in and I decided to check out some puzzles before dreamland.... sure glad I did!!! Thanks so much, dearest one!! ((Hugs))!!


Oh! I do love this one, beautiful background, the extra width on the stroke add so much to the orbs,and the texture, brilliant, Sally, Thank you.


WOW! I am awestruck! This is so beautiful. The orbs and their different textures, as Peg says, are wonderful. The contrast with the "ribbon" running through it is perfect. Thanks so much!!!


I lovedall the texttures in the orbs. A great tribute to Jill, Orb Master Deluxe!