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Painting of an old steam tug in heavy weather.

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Thanks for that, Dec. I see, from your jigs, that you enjoy nautical jigs. Good Irish name?




i'm ok, thanks, phyllis, but it has been horrendous. i've never seen rain like it. severe storms, trees down and unbelievable flooding. i was supposed to host a little get together last night but we called it off because of the potential for danger whilst driving. a few showers today, frost tonight but then storms and heavy rain for the weekend. are you sure that you miss Wales? ;-))


hey John, I hear on the news today there is bad weather afoot in North Wales! are you ok where you are?


That's is such a "bummer", Kathy. It has happened to me a couple of times. It always happens when you've written a long comment!! Hope you have "come down" from the high of the wedding!LOL


Well... my browser just shut down on me as I finished writing a lengthy comment... grrr.... I'll come back later with more - thanks for your note!!


Lovely to hear from you, Phyllis. Glad you enjoyed the painting. I thought that it was quite a good depiction.

We won't mention rugby 'cos Wales have lost horribly to Argentina and Tonga and we have the delights of your adoptive country on Saturday. If they don't improve it will be a massacre. The AB's are playing to such as standard at the moment they are a joy to watch. I will be happy if Wales give an account of themselves.

Congratulations on your birthday, Phyllis. The story you tell of your grandson's singing sends shivers up my back. I can well imagine what was going through your heart and mind. Any tears?!! I would!! Good on your eldest son for feeling that way. How many children/ grandchildren do you have?

This has been more of a letter than a comment but...............

Hwyl. John


S'mae John, good puzzle, quite different with it being a painting, rather than a photo. Enjoyed it a lot. How are things in Wales John? I guess it's cooling down waiting for winter etc, make sure you stay dry and warm!

John I must tell you about my birthday, I turned 70 last weekend and we had a rather spiffing lunch at the Waihi Beach RSA. There were 70++ and the highlight for me was when my young grandson, Dominic, aged 9, sang me a song, guess what it was - yes, it was 'The Land of My Fathers'. Now to really appreciate this you need to know that Dominic is half Tongan, Welsh is not the tongue spoken at home, Tongan is. You could have heard a pin drop as he sang 'Grandma's song'. His father, my eldest son spoke first and said that he doesn't think of himself as a Kiwi, but he's Welsh, a Kiwi born Welshman! Quite special don't you think!

Ditto Katwoody99 - I agree totally with John:-))


Wow! You kept that quiet (from me, anyway). Congratulations to you and them. I hope that it proves to be fulfilling marriage. It doesn't matter where they got married, it's what is in the heart is the main thing. I bet you've been uptight for a while even if the ceremony was relatively simple. It's up to them now and you can get some R&R time for yourself. That might explain the funny hours you have posted your comments!Well done.


The water has amazing power - this is outstanding!
John and Kate - I shared some big news with a puzzle and some comments on Pat's puzzles: my daughter was married today! She and her fiance had been trying to put together the perfect ceremony and realized the logistical obstacels were too much at this time. They married in a small ceremony at the courthouse. It was so special and I am beaming with pride!


AS long as that is all, Kate! Have a good day. ;-P LOL


Powerful. It brings tears to my eyes.