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Dexter na televizi for Denise

20 pieces
66 solves
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Dexter is my daughter's cat, who lives in England, it reminds me of your cat, send puzzles and 2 x video


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Thank you Ardy, I am glad, you like it.


Dexter knows how to keep warm. Smart cat. The videos were fun too. Thanks, Jana.


Thank you Denise, good night with a smile on your face and cheerful dreams :-))


The videos of Dexter are just adorable:-) Thanks again.


Hello Dexter:-)So are you going to keep him? Thanks for everything Jana. I am going to look at the videos now.


Thank you my dear Ank, the cat is really unbelievable how the lady wrote another puzzle, probably from another planet, I'm glad you like it. Still works well as an alarm clock, wakes daughter and her friend, right on time, and everyone gets up for work at a different time. He's about 5 months and mean more Czech than Craig, who lives with Andrea 4 years. pity that the cat can not speak :-)).


Very lovely, I like the video's too.