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Edie, in all probability I won't be back, but I promised you a belated birthday puzzle and I'll probably send it to you through a friend whose email address you hopefully have (and she, yours).
I think I'll be much better when I really leave Jigidi once and for all.
You, in particular, brought so much fun. So a big thank you for that. :-)

Take care as well. :-)


I know that you said you won't be checking messages anymore so I guess I'm leaving this more for myself than anything else. I've gone back and done some of your older puzzles that I had never done so I still always feel the urge to tell you how much I enjoy them. They really are wonderful and no one else on Jigidi makes any that I enjoy as much. You said that I would soon stop missing you and forget all about you. Well that hasn't happened and I find myself constantly checking your profiles to see if there is anything new. Hope that you are keeping well. Take care, Edie


Oh, geeeeeeeeeeez, Mandy. Using clip art would be the beginning of sliding down a slippery slope, BUT if I truly run out of ideas for leaves, I may have to resort to that. I've never even checked out clip art. One of the programs I use offers a few shapes, and that's what I use if I don't draw them freehand.


I suppose you could try using some clip art... I just googled "clip art leaf free" and there are some interesting shapes you could probably use as a base... perhaps... and I know you like everything to be "original" so it's just a suggestion for you to consider!


Mandy, I've been trying to change the leaves with every puzzle. I'm running out of alternatives. 'Hand' drawing them hurts my hand too much now, so I try only using 'stamps' for the leaves.


I love the leaf shapes!! Thanks Wendy :~)


whatnauts, you weren't supposed to notice. LOL


Ah, spring...and it's only several weeks away (sigh) ..... In the meantime, I'm so happy you have provided us with more delightful specimens from your magical garden. I'm surprised to see one of the flowers is made of hearts :)))))))


Barb, you're absolutely right. When the grass turns green and flowers start popping up out of the ground, I become a very happy camper. I just can't wait. Until then, Jigidi flowers will have to do.

Magda, hopefully spring is right around the corner. I don't know about you, but I get pretty depressed during the winter, but when springtime arrives, I immediately become a much happier person. I'll be planting flowers too. :-)

PJ, thank you. And keep in mind that all puzzles take "some time to solve." LOL ;-)


It's a fun and well designed puzzle, filled with happy colors. And Wendy, I agree with Barb - it took some time to solve (6:30).


Lovely --spring coming. I went to a store today to buy somethiing as prosaic as toner for my printer. And there were all those lovely Easter flowers. But it is too cold to plant on the balcony. Temp is still below 0°C at night. So these will not freeze. Thank you.


Took me a little longer than expected but loved the results, Wendy. Looking forward to spring flowers although we may have to wait for awhile so it's nice to be able to enjoy them in Jigidiland. :-)


Thank you so very much for dropping by to let me know, rhansberg. I hadn't thought of it being especially colorful because most of my puzzles are already colorful. But I just noticed that this is brighter than a lot of my puzzles. Anyway, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-)


I love this one, is so colorful