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We went to the Dog Show

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I don't doubt that they are loved and cared for, Nancys, but I remember the owner of Big Boy commenting that the dog was happier when he was allowed to grow his coat normally upon retirement than when being groomed for show. Poodles are so intelligent...ours went into a funk when we tried to put a raincoat on her! We finally gave up. She didn't mind a polar fleece coat when she was older but she was embarrassed to be seen in the raincoat. many good memories of her.


Just so I'm clear, I am talking about all breeds of dogs at the show


These are the premium dogs that set the standards. I had 3 of them but never in shows. I believe I gave them a better life. The owners of these dogs do love them in their own way and give them the best life they can. But traveling all the time has to be stressful on the dogs & owners.


Arf!!! I would be so embarrASSed to look like this. I'm blushing just thinking about it. Thanks mum and dad for letting me be a normal girl.