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Thanks Judy = I did get the idea because we recently had Int. Chess Day Judy... so you were not wrong thinking it was an artistic checkerboard!! If it had more squares I thought the images would be too small though!

I meant chuffed as it is explained here!!


p.s. you taught me a new word: "chuffed." We don't use that descriptive word in the States and I found it rather amusing as I found a definition that said what I'm sure you meant and another that said it meant surly. LOL!


Mandy, I heartily agree with the previous comments! It was great fun figuring out which pieces went to which kaliedo and then figure out where they went in the puzzle. I thought it look like an artistic checkerboard at first, but I guess you'd need a few more squares. It sure would liven up the game with those beauties. Thanks so much, my friend.


WOW - tootierasmussen - what a wonderful compliment, I'm chuffed to bits that you wanted to go back and solve it again, and that you've stopped to let me know how much you enjoyed it... thank you so very much :~)

Thanks Jan, it's really good to know you had such fun with this one, and that you enjoyed the "shiny blue" background too... I'm definitely going to be going to bed with a big smile on!! :~))))

Thank you mariasha - I love to know you've had fun :~)

That was soooooo much fun to put together...thank you!


This was, indeed, an incredibly fun puzzle to solve. I love putting together a bunch of small kaleidos and then fitting them in place. This was just perfect for that, with all the shiny blue pieces in between. What a great puzzle!!! ADORE it, Mandy. thanks so very much!!


Oh, my, Gosh!!! That was a fun puzzle. Think this is the first time I ever said, "I'm going to go back and do this one again". Don't know what is is about it but was really fun. Thank you.