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Starfish, Shells & Pearls!

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73 solves
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Diane - a most sincere thank you to you, too! I am thrilled that so many people liked it.

Rosie - Sometimes when you really try hard to get the effect, nothing happens. And when you least expect it, it does. Fickle Fickle!! Thanks so much!

Pat - Thank you. I like the colors on the blue, too.


Sooo pretty with the pearls - shells and starfish .. fun puzzle


This is really different for you but I do like it. Interesting what that little maker spits out and makes with your contributions. Never expect it to keep the shapes and the distinctive look of the original tools used.




Tasari - Thank you. Simply, thank you! I really like the whole thing, too and got very lucky with the twirling and swirly. The pearls were a total surprise to me! Thanks so very much!!


Cindysings - First - THANK YOU! I am thrilled you like this puzzle. It is one of my favorites, too. Yes, I think a shadow box would be a wonderful idea. Thank you for your kind compliments. I'm having fun, too!
As to who might make shells......I have done a LOT of them....I've been a scuba diver and I adore snorkeling, so shells are quite close to my heart. But, no one seems to do them exclusively. Randomworship (Kirsten) does detailed kaleidos and she may have done shells as well.
I will look to see if I have anymore shell goodies hidden in a "back closet."


l love collecting shells at any beach I go and pearls are the only kind of jewellery I really like, so this puzzles is very special. The double star in the middle and the whole composition is just beautiful.
Thanks for creating this beauty Jan.

This is one of the most beautiful puzzles I've seen!!! Needless to say, I love shells and the richness of the background blue and the pearls is amazing!!! Wouldn't this be beautifully displayed in a shadow box? Thank you so much for sharing your talent with the rest of us. Could you suggest another puzzle creator who is really into shells? Have you done others?


Jim - your bedroom walls sound marvelous! How beautiful they must be!! You should post puzzles of that wall and show off your daughter's talent!
I looked up Wyland and his paintings look wonderfully rich in color and detail!
Thank you so much!!!


This would make a great picture to compliment the rest of our sea themes. My daughter (a good artist) painted a reef and all the associated coral and fish on our master bathroom walls. We have one wall dedicated to Wyland paintings, plates and a sculpture. If you don't know who Wyland is, look him up. He's a great artist most famous for his whaling walls. I really love this one.


Eugene - an hour from the beach. But, JC, I had never heard of Eureka the series. We love syfy and I'm intrigued. Was it a good series?

JB - Thank you. The image this came from was one of my favorites, ever!

Ardy - I hadn't realized it was a theme puzzle. But, you are so right!! Thanks!

Hester - Gotta have those sea creatures! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!


Thereturn of Jiggy's starfish! And a very fine reappearance it is too! I love the clarity and depth of this Jan. Thankyou! :-)


Love this, Jan. Summer bliss it is!!! Thank you.


Great set but i like this one the best thanks jb:-))


Beautiful puzzle, Jan!
Are you in Eugene near the beach or in Eureka near Sheriff Colin Ferguson?