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for pumpkinhead ~ shirley ~ and all others that weave

20 pieces
85 solves
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thanks for dropping in jc, I have had this license plate for way too long; everyone in town knows my car.


i love it Kathy


Shirley, thanks for snowshoeing in today, this is as close to weaving as I get anymore. Now I say this is a description I am trying to live up to.


Michelle, will leave a note on the post you did for me, it is great. Thanks.


Thank you, Pilley, for your puzzle, I perfer to use a much softer Warp and Weft in my Weaving, Ha Ha.


I left a message on your other one, too, Kathy. The one I just posted for you was actually an earlier one waiting in the queue but I wanted you to see the results of our texturizing talk so I combined it with the size/ratio discussion with Chrissie and posted the later puzzle first. This one's all for you! ;-D (Well, if you want to share, it's ok by me!)


Don't get weft behind with this!