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"Grand Canyon- Plein Air" - by Kinkade

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AuntieAuntieSue, thanks for stopping by. Happy you're enjoying these puzzles. Unfortunately I can not help with your question. I'm simply Jigging several of Kinkade's "Plein Air" paintings. Of this painting Kinkade says:
"My Grand Canyon captures just one of the many expressions that passes over this sculpture from the hand of God." -Thomas Kinkade


Top of the mornin' to you, DrJean! Maybe you can tell me ~ with hair as ginger as a carrot or a tomato and the maiden name as Irish as they come (Collins), I'm wondering how come I can find no Irish blood in me. My family comes from Kent back to the 1300's. I love all things Irish (and Scottish for that matter - don't kill me!:} ) and these hills are calling me with an Irish flute. Thanks for posting and stirring up my ancestry with good memories! A.A. Sue (Collins!)