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March Borders (Smaller)

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We've been getting snow on and off, now mostly on, all day, but no accumulation at all. But the temp is now 32 and dropping, and the snow is supposed to keep falling through the morning, so we may end up with a few inches.


Good borders. Wish everything were as well defined. Well, maybe not everything. It's fun to escape the borders sometimes. Thanks, Pat.

Are you getting this storm today? It hit northern Virginia hard but missed us almost completely. There were a couple of patches in the shade as I came on Jigidi a bit ago but as soon as the sun hits it, it will be gone too.


I noticed that, too, Katie. Maybe it's because the colors are not as contrasting as some of the others, or maybe it's because more lines continue to form several consecutive squares, unlike the outer ones, or maybe I haven't a clue but am trying really hard to explain it...! LOL! Thanks! :-)))


A very interesting variation of borders Pat! There's something shadowy about the center portion that's really cool!


Well, there is the quartet version of this, which was made on LunaPic (it's an animation where it changes colors repeatedly, and I just chose 4 of the frames that I liked to put together). I'll see if I can make a more loony loony out of it tonight! :-DDD


What!!! No looney version. My life is not complete. Fun puzzle, thanks Pat.