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Help With Colors

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Uh oh, I just noticed that one of the browns turned blue. I don't know how it happened....or maybe it's just that I need more help with colors.
Note: This was created especially for Magda because she was having problems with colors, sort of, kind of....
A wink to you, Magda. ;-)


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PJ, it was really Magda's idea....or at least if it wasn't for her, I would never have thought of it.

Magda, I love you too. You've already made me laugh quite a few times and I love people who make me laugh. I give you a thousand "you're welcomes" right back in response. I'm so glad you liked this. :-)


Oh Wendy, I love you. That is really very sweet of you, to make a puzzle specially for me. Now at least I know the names of the colors. And maybe in time I will make it on the leaderboard?. At least my head did not need toturn on this one. Once more thank you a thousand times.


Oh, Wendy - love your sense of humor. Such a gorgeous puzzle, wonderful idea.


Mandy, Magda claimed that she was having problems identifying colors so I promised her a puzzle today. Unfortunately, because I got a very late start, I did a real rush job on this.

Pat, PERFECT. I'll use that as my excuse. :-))))))))))))))))))


Maybe the song: "Don't it make my brown eyes blue" was playing as you created this..... LOL! Lots of fun, Wendy--love your "Help" puzzles! :-)))


LOL - I'm smiling at this, and now something I saw earlier makes sense... your pinwheels are such fun, and having labels on the colours is so funny!! Thanks Wendy :~)