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Mandy I never ate those flakes. Why would you post a mouth watering video when I just got done eating? It makes no sense!

whatnauts, I remember a long time ago Katie saying that she likes a different title when a puzzle is posted with different sizes, so keeping that in mind, and then remembering that roerick3 and tootie never read the titles, I figured "Flakes" was just fine. I'm even thinking about just numbering my puzzles like a few other people do. LOL


When I hear or see the word flakes, I think snow. Now that could be because I live in a climate where we get lots of snow, plus it is winter after all. We don't have a chocolate bar called Flakes in Canada and I don't believe the US does either. But come to think of it, it would be nice to think of chocolate rather than the cold white stuff :))) Then of course, there are corn flakes.....and people who are flakes...


Oh... not what I expected from the title!!! When I hear "Flakes" I think of chocolate!!!!! Only the crumbliest.... etc :~) Thanks Wendy.... I think! :~)


Barb and Ardy, I agree! Actually though, I do love when it's always so beautiful to me....and I never tire of the beauty. It's in the following days when it all turns to gray slush that it's not so pretty....not pretty at all.


Wendy, I agree with Barb. Wish I could match her time (3:48) It's hard to get old and slow. Thanks for a fun puzzle.


Wendy, I much prefer your toasted, coloured flakes to the real thing. Fun puzzle, thanks! :-))


Katie, I popped the snowflakes in the toaster, and then added food coloring. So they're really Fake Flakes. LOL


Fun, frostless flakes! Thanks Wendy!