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Spring Is Just Around The Corner.....(S)....

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4 best shots sounds good..... (I'll do at least one, maybe more)... Can we be voters as long as we don't vote for ourselves?? Chrissie just opts for voting only unless she comes up with an idea, since there are no Azaleas in the yard... 2 Days is good, at least 48 hours, for the under and over folks and time differences around the world... Whenever you want to have it is just fine with us as long as we get plenty of warning... Thank you for coordinating the Azalea Wars 2013... You are very brave.... :) :)


Azalea War thoughts?..Pick one day where everyone who wants to enter can post their 4 best photos. (They will need to notify us so we can make a list for those who want to vote). All who wish to vote will be given 5 votes. They can used their votes for one photo, or split them up. Voting will take place over a given amount of time (2 days?). One with the greatest number of votes wins a marvelous prize.
Seeing as tulips aren?t out here yet, we have time to decide when to have the contest.
Any thoughts, suggestions or comments on the rules? Suzy


Yay!! Edie is seeing signs of spring.... Won't be long now y'all.... Thank you, Edie.... Glad you enjoyed this one... :) :)

Thanks, Snooker... I'm happy this brightened your day... 40"... If you get that all in one hit, you'll have to build an Ark.... A pity we can't figure out how to get the water from the flooding Mid-West down to the drought areas... Food for thought.... Hugs to you and Charley and The Bandit.... :) :)

Thanks, Mimi.... April showers bring May flowers.... Hugs to you and Luke and your cutie Evie....:) :)

Thank you, Shirley.... If you like these flowers they must be OK... Thanks, mate.... :) :)

I hope so too pumpkin... In any case I'm sure it'll feel good to be home... :) :)


We shall see when we turn the corner to home tomorrow. Hopefully the lupine are out and the lilacs are budding!


Love all your pretty flowers, Sally, Thank you. :):)

Thank you, Mimi. Wish you could too.


I love it, it's gorgeous, Sally - wonderful composition,


So pretty and bright and fun! I love it and yes indeed, it's Spring!

Snooker I wish I could send you some of our rain. We are soaked!

You must be a good weather forecaster as we got a little rain today for the first time in ages. They say we need 40" to end the drought but since we've only had 28" in the last 3 years I don't think it's gonna happen. The puzzle was a bright spot in a dull day. Thanks.


I've finally started to see some signs of it around here. Tulips and daffodils are finally blooming. Thanks Sally, This was fun.