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Thread count embroidery - Delft tiles 2 of 4

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This was supposed to be a bell pull. The designer who was redoing the bedroom suggested doing it horizontally to hang above the bed. Since each tile was square that was no problem. When it was completed she mounted it on velvet and hung it between two white decorative poles over the headboard


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Ank, you were faster than me (3:16) Enjoy your bookmarks!! Thanks for stopping by.


Ardy is everyone so fast or am I so slow. My time is 3:07. Laura I know, she is so fast, there are not many who beat her. I see she is visiting you too now. Nice. I'm glad you liked the Rose Bowl puzzles of Maria. I don't know or she has more. I hope she has. I did like this one, I go for #3 now.


Ank thanks for telling me someone did post some puzzles from the Rose Bowl Parade. It's so very much like your Flower Parades except there is just that one. The puppy float is so sweet. Made me think of Callie Lou. Thanks for coming by and good luck on your bookmarks.


Laurajane, you are so fast at solving. Thanks for coming by. You are very welcome.


Hi Pat. I love the blues too. These aren't as bright as they used to be. I made this one 40+ years ago.
Thanks. Hugs.


Ardy look at the page of Eaglefeather, 2 days ago. You will love it. I have a big backlog so a lot of your puzzles are in my bookmark, I hope I can solve them today.


Lovely, indeed, Ardy! Thank you.


These are so pretty ... love the color...


Thanks, Jan on both counts. I like this avatar too. Kirsten told me about resizing in picmonkey. I played with it some yesterday with this and with the Delft pictures. It's great for cropping too which I had been doing in Power Point. But this is even easier.


Two of my favorite images! Just gorgeous, Ardy. And, I'm so glad they are horizontal!

Ardy - that is a wonderful avatar. You should keep it! :D


Hanne, that would be great. I do enjoy looking. Thanks for coming by.


I sort of consider these your puzzles so thought the least I cold do was hand deliver them. I did get to The Netherlands once for a short stay. We arrived early one morning and left the next day. But we did get to ride on the canals at night - a beautiful experience. Thanks for coming by.


I just had a rather big amount of old embroideries, I'll see if I can make Bent take pictures of some of them so you can see them!! They are very different styles!! Thanks so very much for these, Ardy, they are very, very lovely!!


Thanks for sending the link, Ardy .... I would probably have found it later when I browsed my favourites but you have saved me the trouble. LOL
I love the little Dutch girl and the windmill scenes. The Netherlands is another of those countries I wish I had visited but never got around to. But I did get to Norway, Sweden and Denmark on my all time favourite trip many years ago. Even got to the Soviet Union (as it was then) for a week on the same trip. :-)


er .... that Christmas picture was "Joy (not jot) to the World"


Hi Kirsten, You got here before I finished solving the puzzle. The avatar is the center of the Christmas picture "Jot to the World." I'll have to explore recoloring a frame. Thank you so much. So glad you are feeling better. When it was hot running cold water over my wrists would help some but there are times when nothing helps. I never had them as bad as Gail described though.


Pefect avatar Ardy!! It says so much about you!! :)))

And I like your framing!