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A Deer in our Yard

35 pieces
245 solves
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Zooey, I've already been back to the game, and I congratulated you on your win, so I don't know why you feel the need to apologize! Everything's fine! I'm glad you're enjoying the game, and I hope you continue to play and have fun! :-)))


Suemarie, I apologize for ruining T&F's game for you and the others. Also for causing Su to have to work harder (with my copious guesses). I was wrong and after seeing your and tigress' comments will no longer be making guesses. You may return to the game and enjoy. I am truly sorry. Blessings, zooey

I forgot to say this deer sure isn't camera shy. Stood right there and posed. I also wanted to say when I lived in CT we had a cabin in Sea Brook and spent a lot of time going out after the tide went down seems like you could find a lot of sea life that had washed up. So nice.


Well, we are always putting out bird seed, suet, bread, plus lots of leftover table food--never mind all the plants they seem to find tasty--and it all disappears quite quickly, so we're doing what we can. :-)))

Such a nice picture of this deer, needs more food to get some meat on those ribs. Thank you.


No, I didn't but I'll check it out.


I might do it--I'm a Luddite, though, so I'd have to have my husband show me what to do!
Did you see my other notification which links you to the private puzzle I set up for you? I'm assuming that you know that you just click on the blue word "comment" in Notifications where it says that suemarie mentioned you in a comment, and it will take you, and only you, right there. I did it for this puzzle, and the private one.


BTW what a beautiful deer. We have deer too. They like my pear and apple trees. Also my roses.


The only thing about Jigidi is I always wonder when the censor-natzis will delete us.


You might like Facebook. You can make it as private as you want. You can private message on it. I used to hate Facebook until I learned how to do this. Now most of my friends use it instead of email.


If I were on Facebook, I'd do it instantly! I'm trying a different way, though. @jignut
I hope it's okay. :-)))


Are you on facebook? If so would you "friend" me? Bonnie Heather McIntosh


Thank you--we get lots of these guests! Sometimes I think I'm running a deer diner.... :-)


A lovely guest Suemarie :)


Until it started eating my plants! LOL


Lovely. Lucky you to see it so close!