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For theaveragesensitive. Rocky and Orb.

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I took 3 photos within seconds of each other, in the same setting, and this was the only orb. The rest are normal photos. Our Tiger passed away about a year ago, and my little Muskers is missing (both are cats, Muskers is Rocky's mother).


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That's wonderful Nicky. Good luck in your search for a pet. We'll be looking forward to seeing pictures.


Thanks Faye and Jeannie - Sounds interesting. I'll look into it. Been to look animal rescue centre today to look at cats, but nothing was suitable there so I've contacted our local rspca where hopefully there will be a suitable match - will keep you posted!


Thank you Faye, Exactly!
You've probably guessed by now Faye and I are both HTPs.
I could feel energy as a child, and didn't know what it was. Our olderst daughter told me about a seminar given at our local Medical Facility she thought I sould attend. I did, and I've never looked back. Everyone has a personal reality that is their's alone. Mine changed that day.


I agree, Jeannie...Nicole, you should investigate further. Being instinctively drawn to a problem spot, tingling, heat are all indications that perhaps this is a calling for you. You are more consciously aware than I was. Now, I experience such heat during a session that I frequently have to step back to catch my breath...and the client reacts each according to their need. I encourage you to look into Healing is very rewarding. Faye


That was a wonderful encounter Nicky! Thank you for telling us about it!
But just in my opinion, I think most orbs are dust.....but not all of them. I can't tell you how to tell the difference either, other than pay attention on what's going on around you. Is there a breeze, is some one stiring up dust around you, or do you feel a presence? Just be aware, with discerning common since.
From what you are telling me, I think you should go on line to check out HT. Please do, I think you'll want to know more.
I'm not some kind of nut, I'm a retired professional. One of the men in my last class was a "Mensa Member" a design engineer, another was a nurse, two other people were from out of the country. They were from all walks of life.
And it's not to replace a Doctor by any means, always do what a Doctor tells you to do. I feel it works hand in hand and compliments the traditional medical field.
All I can do is encourage you. I know it's not for everyone, and that's ok too.
And I enjoyed hearing about you cat and the birds. Take care.


Oh wow, it must be wonderful to actually see them with the naked eye, Healer. I have a photograph of when I was having the extension put on my house which is filled with orbs, and just assumed they were dust particles the camera lens had picked up - now I'm not so sure. I haven't heard of HT but I have been able to lay my hands on other people (sometimes right on the spot that's giving them trouble, but without them telling me where the the problem is or what it is) and I've felt tingling and heat in my hands, and they have felt much better afterwards. I feel that animals are very much more intune with the spiritual realm than humans, and have some lovely stories about my cats which are evidence of this. For example, my garden birds gave me a wonderfully fantastic display when my beloved cat passed over last summer - I've never seen anything like it, it was like they were having a ball, when previously the garden had felt so bleak and grey and empty. I remarked that even the birds had left. Then, the next day they all went into a frenzy!. A blackbird came within a few feet, looked right at me, spread his wings and bowed to me, touching the floor with is beak - twice! A robin flew within a few feet, looked straight at me and sang loudly, it was fabulous! There were pigeons, doves, thrushes, goldfinches, blue tits and great tits - so many, and the amazing thing was, none of them were scared - they didn't fly away when I moved - I kept moving to try and get a better view of it all! It was breath-taking! Sorry for rambling on! Best Wishes, Nicky.


Thanks Suzy. In one of the other photos I took, Rocky had just been sitting on the arm of that chair.
And if it were dust, it would be more apt to show up with a flash, and not just in daylight like this one.
To some HT may sound strange, but it's not. It's technique oriented, and a reason for teaching each technique. I'm not a spoks person for them, so that's why I ask people to check it out for themselves.


A truly amazing picture on many different levels. Thanks, healer...for the picture and the narrative.


Nice to meet you Sherry, HT stands for Healing Touch, taught by Healing Touch International. Some collages even offer a class in HT, but HTI offers classes pretty much all over the world. Check with their web site to find out where, and when.
I understand that many years ago, it was only avalible to Nurses, but is availablae to everyone. Please check it out on the internet. Don't be envious, you too can learn how. I can tell you're interested, so please check it out for yourself, what it is, what it stands for, and what it can do.
I thank you for asking.


Healer, please forgive my ignorance, but what do you mean by "HT"? I understand that you must be especially attuned to the spirit world, and I am fascinated and just a bit envious. Sherry


I know what you mean, I have felt other hands on my arms while treating clients, or someone right beside me. During a session when I'm the client, I first feel the energy moving though, then feel myself lift up, feels almost like a very fine vibration inside and out. I wish I had a group here to practice with, but I'm the only one I know of where I live. I'm in the HT directory. I've always wanted to start a once a month "free clinic night", for Police, Doctors, and Hospital personnel (high stress realted jobs).


I've never seen auras but I have felt "presence" when being practised on. We used to have healing sessions in our huge church sanctuary (chancel) and it was very sacred. Through the years, three of our practitioners passed away. Myself, and others, would feel pressure, particularly on the root/abdominal chakras, even though the practitioners had moved well on up the body.

P. S. Goosebumps...not scary...awesome...and probably reassuring once you get used them being around.


Yes, thanks Nicky, I know they can, but over the years I've seen several of these with my naked eye, and they were just a little smaller that a socker ball. Sounds weired I know, but then again... welcome to my world.
Photography was a serious hobby of my Fathers, with a home dark room and the whole 9 yards.

Thanks gnt, I thought it was a fun catch.

Faye, don't let it give you goose bumps, it's all good. Rocky is always looking at things move around he can see, that I can only feel.
I remember on one of our HT classes, we were watching a demonstration, the instructor worked on the class assistant.....and I saw their auras merge into one huge light surrounding them both while the instructor worked on her. I was awed. I wanted to shout..."Do you guys see that!" But you and I both know, we don't yell anything during a session. I never did tell any of them, it was something you'd just have to see.


Interesting photo - orbs can be caused by dust particles on the lens which get magnified. Perhaps Photogent can advise? He's very knowledgeable.


very nice photo


Goosebumps. Did Rocky react in any way...if not, perhaps it's "normal" for him?