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monarch on the buddleja

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Schutkleur, we also get pictures of them with their wings closed. Actually, when my husband photographed one like that last summer it helped me with the identification of it, since the under wing was so distinctive.


Good photo of a beautiful butterfly!! It`s hard to catch them with open wings. Whenever I try taking pictures of butterflies they`re sitting with their wings closed :-((




You are welcome. My husband went out with the camera to photograph an interesting butterfly he saw, but it kept fluttering away as he put the camera to his eye. So he took this, and then saw the humming bee moth on another butterfly bush. I think the little illusive one, that he couldn't capture with the camera, was a harbinger of better things. ; )

I just this evening saw your comment about the fact that we do not live too far from each other, as do some. I had been tired this week and not been back to see your comment.


Very beautiful! Thank you, RH!