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Believe It Or Not, This Is A Rose!

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This is my mini-rose called Sugar Plum. It is the only blossom on the bush at this time. I just thought this is a most unusual shape for a rose.........


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I could tell by the leaves.


Hi Ann, I've talked with my husband about moving somewhere else til I was nearly blue in the face! He just isn't going for it at all! So I'm stuck here whether I like it or not! As an Electrician, he can get work anywhere but he says it wouldn't pay nearly as well as it does here in Vegas. We need to redo our front and back yards as everything or most of everything has died off because it's so darn hot here! All of our trees died in the front yard and most all of my flowers and plants in back have died! My back yard was like a paradise too! All of that hard work was for nothing! This spring we'll be starting over again and replanting other flowers and plants that hopefully will be more tolerant of the heat! No rabbits or chickens for us though! Where we live it's against the law to have them in your yard! Where as if we lived on our own land like you do well than we could. Too bad too, because I love rabbits and chickens and wouldn't mind even having a rooster! Wish you could help me too, L.O.L. that's so nice of you!


Hi Sissel, so nice to hear from you. Are you feeling better now? I sure hope so. I'm so glad you like my little rose. Thank you............

Mimi, I like semi hot pepper sauce---IF it has some flavor to it. I hate red Tabasco because to me all it is is HOT--no flavor. I used to mix several different kinds of hot sauces together to get something I liked until one day in the store I was grumbling about the lack of flavor. This one woman heard me & suggested Tabasco. I told her how I felt about it & she said,"No, not the red. Try the green. It's milder & has a great taste." I tried a small bottle & have been using it ever since. It IS delicious...............

Monica, I answered my question by reading your profile notes. I'm so sorry you hate where you live. Wish I could do something for you. Does Gary know how you feel? Would he be able to get work somewhere else? Isn't he an electrician? There are other places that are like semi-arid, semi desert. I lived in San Antonio for a year and liked it pretty well. It was kinda green AND desert-y, too. And there must be other places. Or, maybe the two of you just need to find a way to create your own private oasis there on your property. Then stock it with some rabbits & chickens! Heehee! Look what *treker* did in his tiny yard in Idaho( minus the rabbits & chickens! ). Wish I could help you...............


Hi Ann! We live in Henderson Nevada! The desert! I hate it, hate it so much! I wish we lived somewhere else cooler but Gary loves the desert! So, I guess I'm pretty much stuck here! I am sooooo not looking forward to this summer coming up here pretty quickly!


Actually no, re the hot red peppers. I don't like the food so hot though many in my family do and add tabasco to everything!


You got some very nice photos of a beautiful rose Ann- beautiful puzzle - thanks for sharing :-)


Must be all those hot red peppers you Louisiana folks are exposed to that makes you like red so! You DO use them, too, don't you? :-}


I love this color Ann, it probably knows that and is choosing red for me! LOL!


Patti, Pat, & Elfie--thanks so much for stopping by to see my little rose. I'm glad you like it. The petals are just so different. This is the only one on the bush so I don't know if this is a fluke or if they will all be like this. Just have to wait & see. Thanks, Ladies....................

Monica & Gary: Believe it or not I saw your names & before I read the comments something of a flash told me, Gary, that you are Monica's husband. I saw a mention of your name by her somewhere before. And, Gary, I've read your comments before but never connected the two of you---until now. So very strange---- This is a mini and the plant will only be one to two feet high. It is supposed to be a lavender-ish color and it does show some hints of it, but this one is pretty much the color in the photo. Hopefully the others will be more lavender. The petals being like this would be pretty cool, too. Never seen petals like this on a rose. Thanks, Folks. BTW- Do you mind telling me where you live? I'm in N.E. Fla................


Lovely! Thank you!


Very pretty tnaks ....


It's indeed very special, Ann, but you are right it doesn't look exactly like what I think about as a rose!! Thanks so very much!!


I can't believe Gary is saying that, as we have one just like it in our back yard! Men are so very silly! Oh Ann, in case you didn't know, Gary43 is my husband! Anyways, yes this is a very pretty rose! When we bought ours last year the nursery guy said it was a tea rose, and that it was a very hearty plant. So far it's been doing wonderful! Ours hasn't bloomed yet this year though, still waiting for the first buds to open up! Soon, very soon. Thank you Ann, for sharing yours with all of us, it is truly beautiful!


Yes, this is definitely a different kind of rose! I've never seen one like this before, it's very beautiful! Thanks so much for posting it! It was lots of fun!...Gary.