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Historic photos of Marken. A series within the series.

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costumes 1910


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Thanks girls, I'm glad you like it. Aggie I already asked two times, do you have Dutch roots. Pake and Beppe. So you have Frisian roots. So tell me, where are they from????? Or don't you know. Maybe I can post a series of their village/ city.


Very nice photo. These historical pictures seem to have a very good quality. Thanks for sharing.


Very nice!


Very lovely painting Ank! thanks


Ah my two dear friends. Thanks girl I´m so glad to see you. Hugs and love.


Love this photo Ank:-)
The national costumes, and the clogs, and the social scene as well.
Thank you:-))HUGS


Hi Ank, please see e.mail.
Have a good night, see you morning :-)))))))))) HUGS my dearest friend.


Jo it's possible, but I thought it was a kind of needlework. I don't know.


Such a charming photo of young people socializing!! You can tell they really "like" each other!! tee-hee! Do you think the girl on the right is holding a yo-yo? Thanks for this series Ank!! :)


Thanks friends, I just love this photos. I really think there is a touch of flirting was going on. Sandy there are still people who wear them. If you can walk on it, it's very practical footwear. I can not walk on it. I think you have to do it from childhood.


I never would have noticed that, goosed. Great observation!

Ank, this, as all your historic photos, is just fabulous!


Loverly picture, they all look so relaxed, especially the young lady rocking back on her heels.


Another great old picture! Thank you Ank.


I have always wondered how comfortable or uncomfortable those wooden shoes are. Do some people still wear them?


Hi Ank , also I do not have time for anything , the garden is very large , four days was hot, it was impossible to be out tonight terrible storm and icy winds this morning, 20 C , is cloudy, we can make out what had failed before . The photo is beautiful , I like that they all have clogs . Ear to ear :-))))))))))
Have a nice day :-)))) hugs


Love it so unique.... Thanks Sis


Such a nice miniseries!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Good evening Chookies, good morning Lorna. I'm glad you like it. Lorna when I saw this pic, I thought, times never changes. I'm sure there is a touch of flirting was going on. Yes I like the photo too. Chookies I have the same problem. Time is working against me, I try to visit a few friends every day, but sometimes even that will not do. At this time I have a little time because it's raining very hard. Complete cloudbursts. But in half an hour it will stop, then I can go out again. We are busy with a garden project, a lot of extra work. Tomorrow I go with Micky for a haircut and then I go to Rijswijk to visit Elly. So then there is very little time. Hugs girls.


Wonderful costumes and photo. I wonder how that girl is still upright though, wearing the clogs and standing on her heels! Perhaps a touch of flirting was going on?


I haven't wished you a good morning for awhile, Ank, time has been against me lately but I do have time to wish you a good day today. I'm enjoying these postings of Marken, I think the costumes are just wonderful. Thank you for these beautiful postings. Hugs.