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Rectangle and Kaleido Burst Collage: Small

36 pieces
151 solves
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I created all the images in this collage.


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I'm doing fine. I have some arthritis and fibromyalgia. When you join the forum I'll tell you what's going on.


Oh Gail, From Roerick I gather that you are not well. That means I was not very delicate to write about my dancing,--- sorry. But then we all have our ups and downs. I had my hip operated 2 yrs ago, and could also hardly walk from pain before that. But now I am dancing again. I wish you the same recovery.


Roerick, I'm glad you like the collages. And especially thank you for your prayers. Things are going well at this time.

Magda, summer won't be here for a long time! The snow and ice can stick around until March and we could still get a blizzard in April! I sent a message to Sue about you being interested in joining the forum.

Kirsten, I'm still indebted to you for being able to make these kaleidoscopes and collages. I always will be, so I'm so happy you like them.


Gorgeous selection, Gail! Thanks so much. :)))


Looks like you too are anxiously waiting for summertime, looking at the colors and flowers. Thanks


I always enjoy your puzzles but don't remember a collage before. I love all of the puzzles in this collage and have enjoyed them in the past and enjoy them even more this way. Double the fun. Thanks, Gail. I hope you are doing well and am still praying for you.


Thank you so much, Ironroad6. I'm a newbie at creating them.

well, your puzzles are certainly appreciated....


Barb, I figured out what to do. It's not on the dock, but I can access the files, which is really all that matters. I created most of the images above and the collage today, so it works. I agree. My favorite type of puzzle to work is also the collage. But I also like Ruglady's puzzles, which have a similar feel, and some scenes like Thomas Kincaide and Spiritonthewater's puzzles. It's funny, because if I were working a hands on puzzle on the table, I probably would go more for the scenery. I also have one of yarn, but never put it together because I found Jigidi!
I'm really glad you like my puzzles. It's so much more fun when people appreciate what I've done. I haven't done as many puzzles myself lately because I've spent more time in creating them. I don't have a big file of them on the laptop like I do on my computer at home.


Lovely puzzle, Gail. My favourite type of puzzle is the collage which I suppose is why I do most of mine that way. :-)
By the way, did you manage to get your computer problem sorted out?


Thank you, Katie. I posted them right before I ate supper.
2 dogs 7 cats, I see you are still in first place!
I'm glad you both enjoyed this puzzle. It gave me a lot of pleasure creating it. I'm going to solve it myself in a few minutes.


Nice way to end the evening. Fun puzzle and a good score. Thanks


Hi Gail, I just logged back in after dinner and found this delectible puzzle right on the first page. What great luck! It's a gorgeous collection!