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Southwest!Zion! Into the Narrows!

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The valley narrows down but the rock sides stay as tall as out before the Narrows. There is a path along the right side for about 3 miles then you have to get in and go up the river. You can go all the way to the top in a hard day or 2 days with a permit.


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This was the low point of my trip not being allowed to make this walk and get some great shots of the slots. I hope to return and make this trip again.


great picture warbler!


Me too, Chickie, me too.


No Lyndee, its quite shallow. You wear rubber soled shoes for traction and walk on in. Most people carry walking sticks for balance around the rocks and "holes". There are little waterfalls and also just a few sandy banks on the approximately 10 mile or so trip to the top of the canyon, where you can camp. If there is a threat of rain or high water, they wont let you in the narrows for safety sake, because it is such a narrow slot canyon. Its incredibly beautiful in there, though!


Beautiful warbler! I wish I could spend the rest of my life exploring places like this.


It looks like it's nice a cool down there. How does a person go down this river? By canoe? Raft?