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Early cigarette ad

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Why this advertisement?


  1. MrHarry5:07
  2. falizar5:43
  3. gaiagirl5:46
  4. plopez6:29
  5. hags316:38
  6. Kelty7:00
  7. Colb2347:03
  8. Windsong4127:07
  9. MikeWhiskey7:07
  10. arhargrave7:32


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Too bad it’s all fictional from a supposed underwater civilization that lasted from 1946 - 1958

Too bad it’s all fictional about an underwater society established west of Iceland in 1946




Boy. This is a shocker, of course I smoked through all my pregnancies and God protected my babies from me, I am so grateful. Smoked 38 years and only the threat of losing my job help d me stop! I feel so bad when I see cigarettes anywhere. a hypnotist put that in my head and it worked!! But I still kept smoking. IF there's a real devil, it cancer sticks. This makes me want to


Yes indeed it does gemmadent, and you might be interested in this from The Centers for disease Control and Prevention. Pregnant women should not smoke!

I didn't know that about birth defects.


And causes birth defects in pregnant women.

Smoking makes people get cancer.


Oh my goodness! How times have changed!! Thank God!!!

Why this advertisement?