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Laura na vymetené ceste, jinak je jako ledoborec po boky ve snehu

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Laura walk the swept path, otherwise wading in snow and fits


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Thank you Angel, I'm glad you like it.


Laura decides and occasionally climbs a fence (fence is 1.8 meters high) and goes for a walk alone. The red is the case where the written name and my phone number if lost and someone found her to be able to call me, Ank good night, I love you, your beautiful puzzle, nice comments and of course Micky too much :-))

She looks like she is measuring the snow with her nose. No cold tummy for her! Thanks for keeping me updated on what she is doing. Good picture.


Lovely photo. Jana , the red thing, is it a light? Micky used to have one too. But nowadays she does not walk far, she does not wear it anymore. I love Laura.


Thank you Denise.


Lovely puzzle. Laura likes the snow. Sweet dog.


Thank you Mary, I am glad, you like it.


You have a beautiful dog,thank you for sharing her.