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Magnified Borders (Smaller)

42 pieces
98 solves
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As I have said before, better late than never--puzzles have a loooooong shelf-life! Thanks, Rosie!


How's this for later date--I'm even in a different year! Don't have to recomment my comment but wanted you to know your shelf life is long and extended. Love this one anyway.


Please don't apologize! I never expect people to solve all, or any particular one of, my puzzles, or to comment about them! And it's always fun when a comment pops up on an older one. Besides, it makes me feel that have a good shelf-life, and an expiration date well in the future! :-)))


I'll call it magnified, too. It really does have that wonderful effect. Sorry it took so long to get to this one. But, loved it nevertheless!


Thanks, Katie, Lela, and Mary! Why don't I just say that magnification, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and let it go at that...! LOL! That's what makes my magnifier magical--it does different things for different people... :-)))


Mr. B. doesn't seem to catch that part of the right border is magnified! LOL 4:03 Fun! Thanks, Pat!


Shouldn't this be "Not-Magnified Borders"?.....just sayin'.........


This is so cool have a magic magnifier that mystically modifies the colors! I love it!!


Thanks, Mandy! I was going to post it without the oval, which is how I originally drew it the other day, but decided to jazz it up. It's funny how adding an additional shape and recoloring that part always seems to make it look magnified, even though the lines are exactly the same! I'm glad you like the effect!


OOhh Pat, I love the way you do these... the effect is so amazing... like an optical illusion!!! Many thanks :~)