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Mount Warspite

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Mount Warspite was officially
named in 1917 after a WWI battleship, typical of peaks in this section of Kananaskis.


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Oh, that's a long day! Sorry you fell hope you iced your knee and eye:( Doors have a way to stand their ground! (not funny!)
There is a very nice park close to home and level ground.
Glad you are going on a trip, pleasure I hope.
Don't forget to take photos for your Jigidi friends:))
Take care my friend.

Charlie plays but usually not with me. :) Came in 3rd which was not what I wanted. Long day - left at 8:10AM and didn't get back till 6:30PM and they were still playing for 1st and 2nd place.
Enjoy the gym and had planned on going today but fell yesterday and bunged up my knee. Too sore to go for a few days and we are leaving on a trip on Friday for 8 days so may not get there again till we get back. Could have a black eye for the whole trip too as I connected with the door frame.
When you say a short hike it would have to be no more than a mile and on level ground. Paved is best so maybe the park in the city that you have posted pictures of. If I ever get out there again I will certainly let you know. Will miss your puzzles for a week or so as I won't have access to a computer. Take care, my friend.


Pool, one thing I have never done Snooker. Does Charlie play? Best of luck on your tournament!
How are things at the gym, finding muscle you never thought you had?:)) Don't give up and the next time you are in Calgary, you and I are going for a "short" hike:))
Every day of the week there are hiking clubs out there in different parts of the Kananaskis Country.

Punkin, we should switch places, I would love hiking in your part of the world, you have taking me in many great places!
Thanks everyone for joining, so glad you could make it!:)

Was late getting to these puzzles - played pool in a tournament all day.
Love it when you say a 5.5 Km hike is a "short" one. :) Enjoyed going out with you again - never get tired of seeing the beautiful scenery. How many people snow shoe in the area, any idea? As Suzy said there seemed to be a lot of tracks.
Take care and stay safe out there, Maria. Until next week.


Snowshoes are waiting by the door! Looks like a grand hike through your beautiful part of the world. As always, thanks for taking us along.


Even on a gloomy day it still beautiful.....

Still shows your beautiful hiking country. Thanks


A beautiful forest.


Not a great day for pictures Patsyanne. Trust all is well with you friend.


Hi Snooker,
Are you ready? Snowshoes on? How about everyone else?
Lets get started.
It was overcast, as you can see, but not too was snowing lightly, but mostly around 0 degrees, beautiful snow so quite nice...another lovely day in Kananaskis.
This was the Sawmill SS trail, past Spray Lakes on the west side of Canmore.
The photos are a little disappointing, needs the sun to show how pretty this 5.5 Km. loop is... surrounded by mountains.
Hope you have enjoyed this short hike and hope you'll join us again next week.
Until then, keep well my friend.