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San Fransisco China Town!

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I wondered it they light up at night. We went in the bottom ground floor of this building and had an excellent Chinese lunch. I had something I'd never heard of(written in Chinese) but it was excellent. I just wasn't sure about the 4 chicken feet that came first, standing on a little plate in a sauce. But even they were good.


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very interesting tale but I am not into chicken feet LOL


Good one, Warbler! Hey, we probably all have eaten chicken feet in our 'nuggets' before! LOL!


Interesting picture thanks...


Warbler they roast chicken feet over the stove or an open flame and eat them some with a sauce.


Why thank you Pumpkin. Jobo and Lyndee, it was one of those things-everyone else was and not falling over dead. They were starting to notice I wasn't and commenting I did. There isn't much to them. Its all about the sauce, which was excellent and now I can say I did.


You are much braver than I would be warbler.


The lines in this picture are great! Not only do you have those colorful lanterns all hanging, there is the iron of the balcony and the shadows, as well as the detail on the roof. A perfect photo.


EEeeewwww you ate chicken feet/?????