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Tuesday's Flower

42 pieces
204 solves
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Hi silly Mary! Can't you make the title shorter? I don't know if that title will fit neatly at the top of the page with the dance steps underneath (in the dance booklet you're SUPPOSED to be creating). LOL


Oh, the wonderful Tuesday-I-made-it-past-Monday Flower Dance! Now I'm back on track with my flowers on the right days! 3:50 Wonderful, bright, colorful, but I didn't even see the green lurking in there until solve! Thanks, Wendy!


Judy, I've been sleeping quite a bit lately. Years ago I lived on 4 hours of sleep...but not anymore. And because I worked on a puzzle for Kathy most of the night...and I was never satisfied with the results, I didn't post much today (so I'm not churning out). I might post something later on though. As you probably already know, I'm going to make another, and better techno puzzle for you. hehehe


Another great puzzle, Wendy. Do you ever sleep? We should put you in the Smithsonian so we can watch you churn out masterpieces day and night. Thanks for providing me with a great hobby! Without you, it wouldn't be the same.


Advia, I only see one and it's incandescent, not fluorescent! ;-)

Thank you, PJ. It really is pretty shiny. :-)

whatnauts, you must be having the same weather that we're having today (well, yesterday now).


This flower is the kind of weather we we had today - bright, shiny and warm.


Wonderful and shiny Wendy.


Beautiful fluorescent lamps, thank you.


Mandy, I'm with you! I agree!

Thank you, Ardy...I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)


A beautiful, bright rainbow in a flower. Thanks, Wendy.


I love bright colours too, but I can't spend all day looking at them, so for immediate impact this is stunning - for long term enjoyment - your "Bizarre Flower" wins the prize!!!! Both were great puzzle pleasure!! Thanks.


Good Morning, Katie! I know you love bright colors! :-)


Great puzzle - I love bright colors. Thanks Wendy!