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Peacock Glass

70 pieces
53 solves
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Naw, lulu, there is no such thing as peacock glass to my knowledge. That was just the first title that popped up in my head lol. I remember those aluminum glasses! Anyway, hope the title didn't cause your teeth to buzz again :)

TG, I was just puzzled...:) I, like jbeard below, had never heard of peacock glass so was just wondering if when you were titling this puzzle, were you referring to the blue plates or the peacock on the glass? The clear glass is candlewick. I'm confused, but that's nothing new... The blue of the plates reminds me of some metallic annodized aluminum glasses they came out with in the late 1940's that made the fillings in my teeth buzz, like when you bite a piece of tinfoil. (Galvanic action, I've since learned.) Anyway, to the subject, I was just wondering if there is a peacock glass that I'd never known...Thanks.


Lulu what are u asking? :)



Lovely . . . and peacock feathers on the back fabric!!!

Color is gorgeous.

I never saw or even heard of this glass before, it's beautiful!