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Stripes With Easter Attitude.....

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Happy Easter Jigidi Friends...Wishing you an Easter celebration that will be just right for you..... We're having guests over the next few weeks and we'll be doing the tourist thing. So please understand that our comments and puzzles will be very sporadic.... Enjoy your puzzle solving.... :) :)

SMor2Ditto and Foxymoron... :) :) :)


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Thank you, Cheryl.... That's the plan... Have a good Easter.... :) :)


Thanks for a fun little puzzle, Sally. Have a wonderful time playing tourist with your guests!


You got your work cut out for you there, Anne... Good thing you've got the skills, fortitude and time to get it all sorted out.... I sent the test email thru Jigidi forum at the yahoo address... So when you let me know you got it I'll shoot the image to you... Thank you for the insight into your volunteering at the History Centre... If it weren't for people like you, no one would have a clue about the past... Thanks, Anne, for the Happy Easter wishes.... You too enjoy your holiday and happy categorizing... :) :)) :)))


Nice bit of feather and fun before Easter. Enjoy your visitors while you can. Happy Easter to you both - hope the weather is nice and you don't overdo the working. Sal did you use yahoo or bigpond for my email? Must go and check yahoo - I'm a bit slack getting there. Went to our local History Centre today and sorted records - some info has outgrown its folder or there is too much under a general heading. Yours truly gets to sort into chronological (big word eh?) order and then by type within categories. We discussed the folder titles too to find things quicker. You know football, golf etc all into sport and then divide yadayada. The problem was that the original historian was so busy collecting info and researching for other people that sometimes things were just put in to sort later. She has now retired and a relative filled in for a while and someone else has typed but our current person was not a local and therefore doesn't have all the info in her head or the contacts like the other one had. Must away now - have a great weekend and more girls - catch a few happy snaps, even a fish or two, but no colds, flu or other nasty bugs. Catch ya!