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At Home With The P-Squirts

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If anyone doesn't understand my acronym for F.R.E.A.K.S., it stands for one of my favorite movies, Freaks. It's a 1932 movie about people in a carnival performers. Most of the performers were actual people in carnival "freak" shows who band together after a horrible crime has been committed, and shows the incredible bond and community of these people. The "normal" people are the bad guys and the "freaks" are the good guys. The movie was originally 90 minutes, but 30% was cut by censors. Check out the Wikipedia entry if you're interested, but beware, spoiler alert big time.


You don't belong here, Neutered Mentality. Please go away. You are illiterate and make absolutely no sense. This is a fun site and you reek of unfunness, as well as unfunnyness. Go home. Now.


I see my little friend Schlitzie there, just to the right of center, from my favorite Frighteningly Realistic Existential And (not for) Kids Story.

you bastards make fun of my hero well these look to me like the whole bunch thats badgering him while he cant defend himself in his coma theres definitely a skinny runt bugosi in here and i see a granny and an octomom all four in the center look like pdvedris and her possum eating sister and theres jolyco and on the left thats gotta be the shooter gawldarn who ought to be in prison for life if not electrocuted


Bite your tongue, StrangeAlpineMountainDwellingTot, this could NEVER be a photo of the Bugosis, bearded lady or not! (And I'm sure she's just a Barloff "lady", hoping to pass as one of the happily hirsute, heavenly Bugosi lasses!)


Pardon me, but isn't this a previously posted picture of a gathering of the Bugosi clan? This was one that TPTB accidentally erased.


We have this mansion under surveillance.......if he goes there, the Bugosiian Guard will nab him......


This is the annual family reunion of all the P-Squirts at their ancesteral mansion. If you look closely, you can definitely see the resemblance to the Barloffian side of the family--I believe it is through his maternal grandmother that the blood line exists....she being the one with the beard.