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Eleven Hour Clocks, One For Mandy Who Wants More Minutes in an Hour

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I had mentioned this yesterday:
" If I used this as a clock [See previous puzzle], we'd have more time PER HOUR to get things done (65.4545454 minutes per hour instead of the usual 60). "

Mandy replied, "Wendy, I love the idea of more time per hour... and watching the time on a clock as lovely as this would be no hardship... can I order one please???"

So now Mandy can pick out the one she'd like to order.


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Yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))


But I hope we can still write to each other..


Maddie, I want them to stop doing what they do. I want what most people, including you, want. I want to be able to have fun, solve puzzles (occasionally), create, chat, and maintain the friendships I have.

I don't expect you to be part of my fight. My closest friends are very peace loving, and I like them for that. But I will fight for what's right.


Wendy, I like you and I like "talking" to you. I hope you can put the other puzzle out of your mind.. You know I haven't taken sides, and I won't. I just want to solve the puzzles I like and chat to the people I like. Including you ! But I'm not going to be part of a fight.. Please Wendy, for your own good, leave it be..


Maddie, I'm surprised seeing you here. I'm really not that okay right now. But thank you. :-)))))


Hi Wendy, I solved this one.. I liked it a lot!
Hope you are okay, take care.


Well, yes, I suppose, BooksAndPuzzles, but then wouldn't it make more sense to have maybe 3 hours assigned for sleeping and 57 for doing cool things while we're awake. Then we wouldn't have to listen to doctors telling us that we need approximately 8 hours a day for sleep. We could restructure the entire thing. Better yet, no sleep makes the most sense- then we could have 60 hours a day to do things.


Interesting link, Wendy! I like the system that was 60 hours of 24 minutes each (but with different words for them). We'd sleep for about 20 hours and be awake for about 40 hours every day! :-)


Interesting stuff about time-


whatnauts, I think days should be longer than they are so that we could stay up for a much longer period of time without feeling sleepy.

BooksAndPuzzles- I think your idea of squeezing 100 minutes into an hour's worth of time is a wonderful idea. I should check to see who decided that there should be 24 hours in a day, and why 60 minutes in each hour. And of course you're absolutely right that we should be able to enjoy life...and fit everything we want into it. I don't understand why we're programmed to grow old. I'd prefer being able to live my life, and then pick out the best year of it, and start over again from there....but keep that age forevermore. It only makes sense.


At the heart of it is the wish we all have for more time to enjoy life and/or fit everything in, and yes, we are silly to think we can get that by changing the clock, and yes we know it. I totally "get" that this is all for fun. BTW, when I was a child I tried to design a new and improved clock/calendar system with 100 minutes/hour. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. :-p


Oh well, I guess it's just me - I think it would be sillier to have more 60-minute hours in a day.


PJ, Ardy, Mandy, Barb, and whatnauts, I'm delighted that you guys all think the clocks are cute. They are pretty cute.

Mandy, how many clocks do you need, anyway? Oh, I know why you want two. One to keep track of the first eleven hours of the day, and the other one to keep track of the second eleven hours in your day.

whatnauts, I left you a response that comes right before this one.


whatnauts, I have to respond to you before I respond to the other messages! Don't you ever like to be silly? Of course you do! And that's exactly what Mandy and I were being.....silly. Furthermore, you're not supposed to ask a question like that. You'll confuse everyone with your logic. hehehe


The clocks are lovely, but what's the point of a longer hour if there are less hours in a day?????


I love these clocks, Wendy. What a neat idea of Mandy to have more minutes in an hour. :-)))) The clocks are adorable.


Wendy, I wrote you a comment when I solved this early, and must have not waited long enough... I said I'd changed my mind....
I don't want one....
I want 2!!! - The blue and mauve one on the right in the middle row and the orange and purple one in the middle of the bottom row..... Please??
But Ardy is correct.... I did have a hard time choosing!!! Thanks though, they are all lovely.


Fun, Wendy. I especially like the middle one although they are all lovely. Thanks. Bet Mandy will have a hard time choosing.


Yes Wendy, this is a wonderul puzzle, a great idea, the little clocks are so adorably cute and I'm sure Mandy will be happy. And I enjoyed to solve it.


Thanks so much, Katie. I goofed up on the clocks' hands, but I worked so long on this one that I left them 'as is.' If I feel up to it today, I'm going to try something else out (an improvement). I never had the chance to tell you personally that I LOVE your avatar.....but I really do. :-)


Hi Wendy, I love these clocks! They're very fun!


Hi Sissel! I LOVE your avatar. You may know by now that I'm going to use this alias to post small puzzles only. I made a mistake the other day when I posted large ones. So I hope you enjoy some of these. ;-)


Love your "small" puzzles - hugs :-)