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Forest Trees

56 pieces
159 solves
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Thank you, Ardy. I like trying new things as much as possible. Otherwise I'd get bored very quickly. ;-)

Mr. Bugosi, those voices are the ones that are always talking to you. You must know that when people talk to themselves, it's a sign of....well, you probably know. ;-) On another note, I still have not forgotten you and the Park. I started on it last week, and will come back to it....but I just really want it to 'fit' I'm in no rush. :-)

Katie, that was only Mr. Bugosi talking to himself. I think it must have been Francine that took the whispers. LOL

whatnauts, no, Mr. Bugosi's Park with the ice cream cone stand is not what this represents....although I can see where you're coming from now that I look again.


I don't know - I think y'all are confused - this is the ice cream cone forest....


Wendy, this is such a cool design! Lela must have taken the whisperers as it was silent when I was in these woods.


I hear voices........


This is a departure from my usual solves but I found it very interesting. I'm in awe of your creativity and while I don't solve all the puzzles I do enjoy looking at them. Thanks, Wendy..




Francine, I think trees have been known to whisper, so that's probably what you're hearing. ;-)


Am not solving puzzles at moment but still wanted to say this one really 'speaks' to me. It's great.


I'm so glad that you had a fun time with this, Pat! :-)


Great! I love the way the thin upper border also takes part in the puzzle itself--and the 3D effect of the tree canopy is awesome!


Oh, thank you, Wendy!!! I really need to get lost in this forest right now! Gorgeous and glorious!!!