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Dive, dive, dive! Dog shower imminent!

48 pieces
35 solves
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Our washing machine is on overdrive in wet weather and river visits , Jan!

Ardy, His luminous big pink tongue gives him away! When walking him in the dark (coming all too soon, alas! ) he has a fluorescent yellow jacket. It's not a problem though as he is such a big Jessie that he's a bit scared of the dark and never goes too far from his mum. Aaaw, sweet!


What a gorgeous hunk of soggy doggy he is!! How many towels does it take to dry off yourself after he shakes? LOL


How do you find this dog at night? At least Maggie has some white. Fred is perfectly camouflaged. I'm writing this at a respectful distance away from the coming shower bath.


EVERYTHING has to be waterproof when Fred gets near water, mpilnadful! Thanks for visiting! :)


Funny - Wonderful picture. Thanks . Hope your camera is waterproof.