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Lot Of Ovals Butterfly

45 pieces
303 solves
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And there's Sheila Hamilton and Katie and Sindy... Wow.....

I'm glad you would, whatnauts, for two reasons--I especially like this one, because it is bright and bold and has that interesting part in the middle for contrast, and because I so rarely make anything that jigs to 400! I'd hate to waste the opportunity! LOL!


I, for one, would love to solve this bigger. I didn't want to ask because I've been whining (a little) about my markmarks lately, but since you brought it up, I think it's a heck of an idea :)


Pat, I noticed Peg's absence and check on her daily. Have to assume she's busy.
...Then there's SallyandSally. And I still miss Gawldarn's humour. Do hope they're well and are busy elsewhere.


It's funny, whatnauts, but this is one of those non-swirl swirls--lots of ovals, with another row of ovals crossing it--and I haven't posted it yet, but I liked this loony a lot, and, for some unknown reason, it will actually jig BIGGER (400!) than the original! That happens once in a blue moon (the original is mid 300's), and I may just take advantage of it, even if it is a butterfly...!

You're right, Francine--I've gotten messages from them that way, when they thanked me for birthday cards! Good thinking, again! And Phyllis is right, too--we do take care of one another, and it's wonderful!

I do remember her, and I did really like her work. I hadn't noticed that she was no longer posting--shame on me--and there are others I used to see all the time, too, like grandmapegs. Oh, my, now that I think of it, there are quite a few others...darn, I'll have to do better, and check their last puzzles.....So much for my upholding my part of the community... :-(


Wonderful, thank you for bright meaningless colors. Loved it.


Pat, they don't even need her email address, I would think. It could be a personal Jigidi message that will automatically pop up when she signs in.
~Phyllis (Cilycoed) summed it up pretty well, I thought. There are these wonderful little communities that exist within Jigidi. We look after each other.
~It was my pleasure. Do you remember Colleen (colleenallen)? I noticed her puzzles the first day she joined. She eventually deleted most of her puzzles that were of her artwork and family and stopped using Jigidi after three months. She was talented but I don't think her images had mass appeal. Wish she had continued with us.


PD, I think it's wonderful you are trying to help others get more solves. And it was nice of the everyone else who is trying to help as well.

This is one marvelous puzzle. One of my favorite loonnies.


That's a good idea, Francine! At least one of TPTB could communicate with her directly, assuming she gave her email when she created her profile, and she'd be sure to see that! :-) And you really went out of your way to get her to understand--thanks!

No, Mandy. I'm a nosy old busy-body at heart--don't praise that trait too much! LOL! And your efforts were valuable, Mandy--I'm so glad you helped!


Pat, if I may, I have a suggestion. Perhaps wait a day or so and see if her future (I hope!!) puzzles are posted in 'non-filtered' mode. Then if she didn't notice the comments and continued filtering them, could Marcus get involved (through you of course) by sending her a personal note in Czech asking her to read her messages and/or advising her of the filter option. Just a thought.
[I agree with you that it would be a shame for her to lose interest because of unnecessary discouragement.] BTW, I love her tamed squirrel images.

Mandy, your idea was brilliant. Lots of team work...:)))


Bookish - your translation is sooooo much better than the one Google gave me, and then Jigidi throw out most of the letters and inserted old symbols!! I do hope it works!! Pat you deserve another star!!!


Thanks so much, Mandy, Ank, PJ, Francine, and Kathy! I'm so glad you didn't mind my butting in and trying to recruit help, but I get upset when I see someone whose puzzle(s) would normally get lots of solves, somehow end up looking like a failure. And it especially bothers me when it's someone who might not speak English. All the other times it's happened but one, the person spoke English, and I just left a comment, and it got cleared up as soon as the person read it. But once before it was someone who didn't, and I tried using Google to explain (I thought it was Czech then, too), and went on the forum to ask people if they could help when that didn't work. That person never acknowledged the comments, and eventually just stopped posting, and I'd hate to see that happen again. Jigidi is such a wonderful worldwide community, and I know how much I feel a part of a group, and it pains me to see someone who should be finding 100 or more solves on each puzzle, and getting to feel pleased and welcome, having to wonder what she/he is doing wrong and why no one likes the creations...

I hope she/he does read the comments you left, but I worry that it will be like the last time--the person never replied to any comments on any of her puzzles, not just the ones about the filter, and it could have been because she didn't bother to look, thinking she couldn't read them anyway, or because she didn't know how to check her profile...

I also thought it might be Polish too, Francine--some of the words "sounded" (when I tried to read them) familiar, but my Polish skills ended 60 years ago...!

Thanks also to all the compliments about this puzzle! :-)))


Love this one, Pat - really wonderful puzzle!! And I also enjoy the filtered puzzles you spotted - great catch and hope the message gets through! It seems to me that some folks don't know to look at their comments, so let's cross our fingers that he/she sees them:-)


Pat and Mandy - if you don't mind I butted in and left your translation. I agree with Mandy that I thought it looked Czech but added Polish just in case. [One of the Polish words had four accented letters - in a 5 or 6 letter word!!!]

Pat, forgot to say I enjoyed your puzzle (3:01). I got sidetracked with your comments re the filtered puzzles. It indeed was good of you to spot it and leave her a message.


Pat - I second Mandy's fine comment.
Your puzzle was wonderfully fun to solve.


Lovely colors thanks.
I hope Janazlouky understands the message. Thanks for always being so attentive.


Pat, that puzzle is really funny - I think the person must be Czech based on translating some of the puzzle title in Google. I've left a short similar message translated by Google - which I hope he/she reads. Well spotted!!! You're a one woman policer of incorrectly filtered puzzles!!! As well as a creator of beautiful and fun colourful puzzes, thanks so much. :~)


I just saw a puzzle by this person, and it had so few solves that I checked the profile, and it turns out there are pages and pages of nice puzzles all the same way, because they were posted filtered! I'm sure that was by mistake, and I left a comment about it, but my guess, from the titles, is that this person doesn't speak English. It might be a Slavic language...I'm not sure. If anyone reading this can speak one, could you please just check some of the puzzles and, if you recognize and speak that language, leave a short note explaining the same thing I did? Thanks so much! The puzzles deserve a much wider viewership!