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WEEKLY THEME: Squares and Rectangles....Up On The Roof ....

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Mimi, good to know you only entertain refined dragons.... :) :))))


THANK YOU !!! QOK.... :) :) :)


All the dragons I know use mouthwash before I allow them to visit. So don't worry! :)




Phew!!! We can all sleep better tonight... She's a rascal that Queen Bee.... Thanks for letting us know... :) :) :)


Everyone's locked up for the night Sally and Queen Bee and Little B are back in their own house tonight :-)))


Drats!!!! I forgot all about him... Thanks, Patti... Glad you enjoyed it.... :) :))))


What? No fiddler??? Seriously, I loved all the little critters up there! Thanks Sally!


Thanks, Snooker... The cat was from the internet... Good to know it looks like Healer's Fancy... Bandit was my first choice, but I'm still having trouble cutting out individual images from a photo... :) :)))


Glad you enjoyed it, Edie... I though about the chicks, but it's hard to cut out individuals from a photo... Not however impossible... Bet it was scary to see the pen door open and no Queen Bee or chick... Glad it wasn't another weasel... I Loved the shot of the chick's head peeping out under Q B's wing, way up on the perch.... Thank you.... :) :)))


Shirley, you are so right... An oldie about 1962 (The Drifters)... Glad you liked it.... Thanks, mate.... :) :) :)

'Right smack dab in the middle of town
I've found a paradise that's trouble proof (up on the roof)
And if this world starts getting you down
There's room enough for two
Up on the roof (up on the roof)'

This is so pretty and was lots of fun. Looks like Healer's Fancy made it to the pink roof. :)


Mimi, my dear QORE... You'd be fond of chopped liver, if it was some shade of red... The middle row is all yours... I was however unaware you had a fondness for dragons... You do know their breath is very unpleasant... LOL... :) :) :)


Colour combo is awesome Sally. Had to look carefully to be sure none of my group had strayed to the roof tops. I didn't see any so hopefully they'll all be there when I go out to lock up in a few minutes. Nice clean lines. I really like that. Thanks so much,


Up on the roof, got to be a song in that, Very cute and great take on the weekly theme, a colour for everyone, Thanks Sally. :):)


Welcome back. We missed you! I love this puzzle and claim the whole middle row, top to bottom, even the dragon. I am fond of dragons. :)))


Thank you, Barb... I'm so glad you liked it... :) :) :)


Love the colours too, Sally, and the cute little extras atop the roof such as the cat, the bats, the butterflies etc. Great puzzle for this week's theme. :-)


Thanks, Good Buddy.... I've been working hard on color combinations... If you like these, I'm stoked... Thanks again... Hugs.... :) :) :)


Thanks PJ... I had fun creating it... So glad you enjoyed it... :) :)))))


WOW! Very cool! It even includes the Cheshire cat, one of my all time favorites. The color mix in this is awesome, Sally. Good take on theme. Thanks, dear one!


Sally , a very elegant design - and such cute litte animals :-)))