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Facegoo Surrealism ( Thanks, Bent!)

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I think the programs must be similar. My explanation of Facegoo was confusing. Although it has some stock photos from which to choose, I rarely use those. It gives me access to all of my own photos and artwork. I kave not worked in layers yet but it is on my long list of features I have yet to learn on my various programs. I know just the minimum of each one, lol!


Oh, Facgoo works like that!! Bent just uses one of our thousands of photos and then start playing. He works in layers now too, and thinks it's total fun!! Wish you a very wonderful time on your beautiful island with lots of funny work!! I DO hope so anyway!! Hugs!!


Hanne, that would be great. I Googled and am very excited about it. I couldn't download it because I am working from my Tab which does not have Windows. I'm super excited that Windows8 will have touchscreen capabilities and will be able to download apps! The best of both worlds!! I'm headed to Jekyll tomorrow and will only have my Tab soall this needs to be postponed until we get back. This will be a pleasure/work session..... Several rooms need to be painted.

I open the app Facegoo and then chose the option " select photo". I can choose a photo or any previously created image. Thanks for your interest, dear friend!


Jill, I've got to ask you, do you use the programme Facegoo or do you just do the pictures right away?? Right now we found out what Facegoo really is, and well, Bent makes the pictures in and add-ons. Bent would very much like to tell you more about his "ways" if you would like to. This is gorgeous, indeed you have some very exciting "movements" in the picture!! And the colours!! They are terrific!! Thanks so very much! Huuuge greetings from Bent!!


Thanks, Shirley.... a new way to play with Facegoo! I'm glad you liked it!


Facegoo, sure is real cool puzzle, Jill, Thanks.