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Tic Tac Toe I

16 pieces
114 solves
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Tic Tac Toe I


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Hi PJ, the small sizes are good to get a look at the puzzles but I love to do them bigger because I enjoy the solving, I like to see how the puzzles grows and slowly resembles something that can be recognised but I also had to admit defeat as it is impossible to do even a tenth of all the beauties that are posted every day. :)) Thanks for dropping by. :))


I'm happy to provide small fun for you MaryNolan and I tell you the same as Deborah, if you ever see a puzzles that you would like to do in a smaller size just tell me and I'll post it for you. It was nice seeing you around here. :))


Ardy you don't see it right, three men is perfect, you send two of them out to earn the living and keep one to pamper and spoil you. LOL This seems a perfect arrangement for me. I would have loved to watch you but it is a bit late, your seven o'clock pm is my one o'clock am but I'm going to look for the archive, I'm not going to miss you, even though it won't be the same as seeing you live. :)) Enjoy yourself and see you tomorrow. :))


Sorry Deborah, you must have posted your comment while I answered SMor2Ditto's and you somehow got sandwiched in between and I just realised that I hadn't answered you. :)) I usually don't post such a small one, but if you ever see a puzzle you like and there is little time to do it just leave me a note and I'll post it in mini-size for you. Thanks for dropping by. :))


I know hat you say, Mandy, one square one piece is quite difficult to do, I sometimes was tempted to do big puzzles of this kind but looking at the solve times I didn't dare to do them. I just haven't got more than an hour to solve only one puzzles, but perhaps one day when I'm retired, like Ardy, I'll dare doing one of these difficult ones. Today I ran into one that was all grey tiles, but they all had different and beautiful patterns on them and I thought it must be lots of fun doing one of these. :))


Hi Kirsten, my day passed quickly but little time for breaks and I'm happy I could provide some fleeting fun for you. My problem is that I don't really like small puzzles. I like to do them bigger if not the fun is just to short but there simply is no time. :))


Oh, this was such a fun and happy puzzle. Really enjoyed the small size - in times of trying to get a balanced schedule...


Fun! I love the small ones that I can work fairly quickly. 1:07 Thanks, Dagmar!


Oh, Dagmar. Love the bows and baubles and gingerbread people. I notice there is just one woman to take care of three men. Maybe I'll eat two of the men and evens things up. Thanks. Got to stop playing and get dressed. Final rehearsal this morning for tonight's program. Live streaming from the church but even though we play first you should be sleeping. I've been told it will be archived. Program starts at 7 (if it's on time).


Ditto Sally and Kirsten!!! Thanks Dagmar, this is really cute, and making the puzzle pieces match the number of squares always makes it harder, even when its diddy!!


For all of the same reasons as Sally, I couldn't resist this teensy one too Dagmar. I had a fleetingly short good time!! Thanks so much. And I hope your working days passes quickly today, with lots of opportunities for small Jigidi breaks! :)))


I seriously know what you mean.... There really isn't enough time to do it all... Create, solve and keep up with comments... I too like the small puzzles, that way I get to do more solves and see more great creations up close.... :) :)


Glad I could provide some very short fun and you are always welcome SMOr2Ditto.

BTW, I love your work and admire it from afar, as I just don't have enough time to solve and comment any more than I do now. I loved your stars and purple flowers. :))


Thanks for posting in the small category! So cute!!



Clever, fun puzzle.... Thank you.... :) :)