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Cat tails

12 pieces
103 solves
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Thanks, li, pumpkin and Pat!

The contest rules sound goo tu me, Suzy!!!


Don't feel bad Punkin I can't make the board at 22 either... I guess we are just plain out slow... Love the cat tails Morris..


Not to complain...but 25 seconds and I didn't make the board. Grumble. Grumble.
What a great cat tail photo!!!


Azalea War thoughts?..Pick one day where everyone who wants to enter can post their 4 best photos. (They will need to notify us so we can make a list for those who want to vote). All who wish to vote will be given 5 votes. They can used their votes for one photo, or split them up. Voting will take place over a given amount of time (2 days?). One with the greatest number of votes wins a marvelous prize.
Seeing as tulips aren?t out here yet, we have time to decide when to have the contest.
Any thoughts, suggestions or comments on the rules? Suzy


Peaceful photo, Morris. I like it, with the cattails against the water. Very nice.


Funny story, rose! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, lyndee and snooker!
Small world, tex!
They sure have been, rob!


They look like they've been through some wild winter weather morris! I guess some new ones will be popping up soon.


Now that's funny. I was looking at a scene identical to this one earlier this evening! Nice, Morris.


A different type of puzzle. Nice one Morris.

This is very pretty, morris.


Lovely. I can almost hear the water lapping. And it is a pleasant reminder of an incident.

My daughter had dried cattails in her bedroom as a teen. Eventually one of them burst sending a shower of fluff around that area of her room. ; )


Thanks, chickie! I do tu!!


I like the way the water looks in this morris.


I think it did, Laura. that is what caught my attention!

I am sure that they are very happy, granny!


You probably didn't see any because they're all sitting at my feeders eating their little hearts out....


The one on the right looks like in imploded.


I did not see any, but I could hear them, Patti!
These are growing on the edge of a retention pond behind a strip mall!


Nice! Thanks, Morris! Do you have red-winged blackbirds hanging out on them?