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What gardner can create 18

15 pieces
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I totally agree Ank, I would like to see Denise with Bentleyd and all her pets :-)))))) Thank you my dear :-))))))))))))


SMILE, now I understand the monkey.:-))))))))))))))))))) Jana I did not like it. I want you back and I want Denise. We only saw her for a few days. Denise don't throw this one away, because this photo is so lovely , it would be nice if you change now and then, Denise, Bentleyd, Denise and so on. Jana what do you think? Hugs my sweethearts.


Hi Denise, I ´s m, you did not recognize me, I only have long arms from folding wood, Denise big hugs :-)))))))))))))))))))))


Ank where has Jana gone? I only see a big monkey with long arms.:-))))))

When you find her give her big HUGS:-)))))))


Thank you my dear, you recognize me? This will be the love of you, thank you very much Ank :-))))) HUGS


Where is my comment????????????????
Hi dear you got me scared, my lovely Jana is turned into a monkey. :-)))))))))))))))
I like the photo, it's a beauty.


Thank you so much Sissel, Denise and Monica, I love your comments. Wood is already composed Denise, thank you for your care, hugs my friend :-)))))))))))


This is so beautiful Jana:-)) What some gardeners think up is so amazing:-))Thank you so much my
friend:-)) No wood cutting today:-)))) HUGS


WHOA! This is truly gorgeous, I love it! Some gardener's are just naturals!...Big hugs to you Jana!


Lovely rose - thanks for sharing Jana :-)