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Fruits of Labour - Themed Puzzle

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Thanks Dagmar, what a lovely glowing description of this scene, I'm pleased you liked the idea, and hope your daughter doesn't catch you out!!! I was very strict with my children's "pocket money" so they quickly learned that when it was gone they had to wait until the end of the week... they all manage to budget really well now!!


Hi Mandy, finally I managed to get a closer look at your what I thought some kind of winter trees because of the colours, but now I had to find out that they were a very special kind of trees. Here I am trying to make my youngest daughter understand that money doesn't grow on trees LOL. I will have to be very careful that she doesn't see your trees. :)) Your idea was lovely - but money apart - they look like a very beautiful winter scene with a mixture of the last autumn leaves and the first snowflakes falling. :)))


Oh, Francine, thank for those links.... I watched the clip and I really is funny... I'd like to see the whole movie. I'm delighted you also enjoyed the puzzle :~)

4-min video

Mandy, I once saw an old b+w film 'It Grows on Trees'. Humourous.


This is great and so innovative. Thanks Mandy.


If they did, they wouldn't be left there long, and the little coins would never get to grow into big ones either!! I was brought up on the phrase "money doesn't grow on trees"!!! Thank for visiting :~)


Now if only coins grew on trees, wouldn't that be something??? Cute puzzle, monza.


Yes! Today's mail came at 2:15. My new retiree health insurance booklet. However, I never received the new ID card so I called and it was sent out Jan. 23rd. Hmmm, you wouldn't think a piece of mail would take 2 weeks. I've called the US Postal Service to report that. Sadly, my current mail carrier is not a good one.


Thanks Katie, did you get your mail yet???


A very cool puzzle Mandy! Great coin kaleidos!


Thanks mariasha and Pat, so glad you both enjoyed it :~))))))))


Fantabulous puzzle, Mandy!!! I love everything about it! :-))))))))))))))))))

That was beautiful, very creative and fun to do...thank you.


Thanks Judy, like you, sometimes I don't know where a puzzle is going to end when I start, and this one definitely fits that category!! LOL!!


Thanks Chailie - I can see the cats too - now you've pointed them out!! :~)


Thanks Wendy, I'm rather pleased with it myself :~)


Splendid idea, my friend. Looks like your imagination is in full gear. I love it!! Love the trees, kaleidos and background. Keep us guessing by what will be next.


Very clever indeed. The shape in the top left corner seems to have a ring of cat faces running round it.


Mandy, this is absolutely WONDERFUL! I just LOVE everything about it. :-)