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Merry Christmas ~ 1920's

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Well thanks Vivre!! :))) I drop in once in a while on Ank's puzzles. I never noticed that word at her puzzles. I have so many regulars I try to do that I really can't add more to my favorites list. I wish I had the time to do all the puzzles I like but it's impossible so with many I just go in and look at them. :)))


°knuf° = °hug° , but in dutch. You can see it on Ank's puzzles which I've seen you visiting already. So I assumed you might be familiar with it.
I didn't know it before too long myself, but already found it kind of appealing ... because in my language we have the colloquial 'knuffeln' (= 'hugging'), but a short version is not used. Now it always leaves me with a smile when I see it - knowing our neighbour-languages share such a cute expression :-)))


Hi Vivre & Lela ~ Glad you liked it!!! The ''roaring twenties'', gangsters, bootlegging, flappers great clothes, architecture and great designs a great era!! :))))
What is ºknufº??


Another good one..........thanks, cakes!.....


The lady under the blue tree ~ I love it :-)))
The 20s must have been a hot time due to what I've learned from hit songs from that decade. ~ thx Joyce °knuf° Vivre