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AS if any sane person would!

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Cityslicker, hopefully, you will return to jigidi before too long..I know you enjoyed it. So when you is the song I chose for you....
funny how I jumped out at me today while I was listening to some old Mary Hopkins songs. Not sure you are even familiar with this artist from days gone by...but here is the one song that truly makes you come to mind.

"WHEN HE SHINES" by Mary youtube on it that I can find so just "search" it...OK Bye for now


Enjoyed reading these comments. Thank you.


But I want to get a closeup picture.

You mean alligators aren't nice to play with?


I have seen people be amazingly stupid around wild some cases we would be better off putting signs up warning animals about humans! Thanks ;-)


Again, Thank you Janet Jane for keeping me stocked with puzzles to post again! I know, I know, I know...