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Glitch - The Juju Paperweight

84 pieces
10 solves
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The Paperweight was the object of a Quest in the Ancestral Lands. One day I was approached by a Juju Bandit. I stopped as I often did so that I could hear the Juju taunt me. This time I was amazed to hear him ask for help! Apparently his Grandma's Ancestral Paperweight had been lost and he needed my help to find it. This Quest had at least 3 parts as I recall. First I visited Grandma who gave me clues to find the paperweight. This took a while. First I had to figure out the clues, go to the designated locations and dig using the Juju Trowel. I dug in three different locations. Finally I dug up the paperweight and returned it to Grandma for a reward.

A slight Bug? in this Quest left me with the Paperweight after I had returned it to Grandma. It can be seen in my inventory here. I pasted an image of it on the right. I took the Paperweight to my Tower to add it to my Collectibles collection.


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