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A visit in tortoise land!!

48 pieces
49 solves
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Indeed you are right whatnauts, a dice and how far can you go?? Where do you go to prison, where do you get 5 free steps etc!! Thanks so very much!!

Me too, Jan!! We play too little of that kind nowadays, at least WE do!! Thanks so very much!!


You're right, Whatnauts. This reminds me of a child's game......"Chutes & Ladders". It was great fun!
Love the turtles, Hanne. They are so expressive. Thanks so much!


Oops, we need the rules for this board game. It looks like a lot of fun!!!


Yes, and then they might meet and share a lettuce leaf!! Thanks so very much Lela!!


Aaah, a lovely place....all going slowly about, doing their own thing!.............Thanks Hanne and Bent!


If you want to build bridges you must have somewhere to do it, and if you want to build many there must be much water i.e. I think that's how this picture has come up really, and then - somebody to use the bridges!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!

Mimi, a big kiss back again for you, we are so happy that you enjoy it!! Thanks so very much!!


Aww...this is wonderful and I'm coming with Dohun! I love the funny little turtles and the islands and bridges are wonderful Bent deserves another BIG kiss for this!


Thanks, what a lovely idea, Hanne. :)) I wouldn't mind to accompany the turtles on a walk through these tiny little island, who knows where the labyrinth will lead. :))


I might end so, but actually it just stumbled down the staircase!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Well they all seem happy and content with life Hanne, is the one on the right doing a 'swan dive?'
Thanks to you and Bent.